Whenever I find a piece of writing “beautiful” it’s almost always because it got out of its own way for a moment of poetry. Here’s a growing collection of some of my own straight up poetic moments.

Imaginary pineapple
March 2018

I love you like an overripe banana
Pulp mashed
Skin surrendered, brown
Bruising from the inside out.

Once, you left me in the car
Sweetly moldy.
I won’t let you forget.
My smell forever soaked in fabric seats.

“I love you like a pineapple,”
You said,
“Imagine it.”
Because you left your wallet at home.

Topped with a flamboyant crown,
Soft flesh covered in skin
never showing its bruises,
Forever hiding a secret smell.


It must have been lonesome then
July 2017

Tell me about the one
With the sweet garland
Hanging in the window

I want to know how you wore it
Back when it was
Once upon a time

A round trail of petals
From your braids
To the edge of tomorrow.

Did you stop to stare
at the girl in the mirror,
Suspended in dust
like rays of light?

The perfume of your flower crown
must have been loose
like the lines now
circling your face.

Don’t tell me what happened
Just tell me the one
About that sweet garland
Hanging in the window.