Writing Services

If it has words, I can help.  Offering an array of services for artists, non-profits and individuals with writing or editing needs.

For Artists

  • Profiles and Artist’s Statements – Crafting the right words to accompany you and your work serves as a critical framework. Not only does this inform how the audience perceives you, but is an important indication of how you see yourself. Working with someone else to find these words is an important part of the progression of your work and of you, the artist. Contact for pricing. 
  • Marketing, Copywriting – In order to make a living making art, art buyers need to be able to find and connect with you. Whether cultivating an audience, creating a website or defining your market and personal brand, I can help. We’ll work together to develop channels complete with the copy and messaging to make it easier to make a living doing what you love. Contact for pricing.

For Non-profits

  • Grant writing – Funders want to support organizations that make an impact, but they also want to be moved by what you do. It is my job to weave together your numbers and your stories into a compelling narrative that secures funding. With an M.B.A. in social venture and years of experience securing grants for non-profits I will work with you in an in-depth process of research, data analysis and interviews to craft the perfect application.  $75-$135/hour
  • Copywriting –  The ability of your organization to be effective depends on its trustworthiness and personable character. More than a brand, this is made up of style, tone, word choice and by the content you choose to present. An expert in crafting organizational character, I will guide you in creating copy that will not only serve you today, but that will grow with you into tomorrow. Crucially, this involves mapping your identity, yes, but also that of your market, current and prospective. The end result is a organizational persona that will convert followers into loyal and engaged supporters. $75-$125/hour

Personal Services – send me an overview of your request and we’ll set a time to talk on the phone to learn more about you, your project and to discover your voice. Together, we’ll craft words that reflect you precisely. 

  • Speechwriting – For weddings, funerals, commencements and any of life’s other big moments. Contact for pricing.
  • Biographies – Sometimes we are too close to our own lives to tell our own stories and every life has an important story to tell. We will spend a lot of time together, mining your history, relationships and memories to write your narrative from the beginning to the now. Contact for pricing. 
  • Copywriting – This service covers a variety of writing needs like content for your website, thank you notes or even a letter-to-the-editor. Contact for pricing.
  • Copy Editing – Have a writing project in the works? Is there a draft that you want to polish up to make shine? An important cover letter that needs a once over? Send it to me for a fully collaborative, supportive and comprehensive structural and mechanical edit. Contact for pricing.